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    School Family Community Partnership (SFCP) is a partnership with Maplebrook families, community members, and local Business Partners.  The Maplebrook Elementary SFCP team is also a part of our District 203 SFCP team.
    Our goals are to support the Maplebrook School Improvement Plan by working closely with our principal and staff, to connect all members of the Maplebrook school community, to partner with Home and School, and to sponsor events which enhance parent and family involvement in student education.
    In the past we worked with staff to provide additional communication on the math curriculum.  In recent years we held a family math night, offered an all school Literacy Program and worked closely with staff and the Naperville Public Library.
    We also initiated the WatchDOG program which is now under our Home and School.  This is a nationally recognized program where we have the opportunity to have positive male role models volunteer in school.  Fathers and father figures will volunteer in classrooms, play games at recess and help out with lunch, just to name a few things.
    Volunteers are always welcome and very much wanted.  Without assistance from our volunteers, events like these would not be possible throughout the year.