•  Ann Reid Ducklings Really Move

    Our “Let’s Get Moving” program continues this year at Ann Reid! On Mondays the entire school will meet in the gym just after the pledge and dance together for two fast-paced songs. The other days of the week the teachers will incorporate a movement activity that gives the students some cardio exercise. Students are taught to feel their hearts beating in their chests as a sign that they have really worked their bodies. This program is based on research that intense physical activity releases chemicals in the brain which gives the brain the tools it needs to TAKE IN, PROCESS, and REMEMBER new information. We have chosen freestyle dancing as one of our activities, because novel movements engage the area of the brain used for PROBLEM SOLVING, PLANNING, and SEQUENCING new things to learn and do. This program will culminate at the DUCKLING DASH, a 1/10 mile fun run at school in May. So, Let’s Get Moving Ann Reid Ducklings!