Reading RACE '22

  • It’s time for our second annual challenge between Madison and Washington Junior Highs! This year’s Reading Adventure and Crosstown Event (also known as The R.A.C.E.) will be based on the novel, Mr. Lemoncello’s Great Library Race.

    • MJHS: Purchase a book from Mrs. Konrad in the library starting February 7th until they are sold out. The price of the book is $7. You can also purchase a copy from Amazon or at Anderson’s Book Store
    • WJHS: See your ELA teacher for a copy of the book beginning on Friday, February 11th. Each teacher will have a few copies to lend out, or you can purchase a copy from Amazon or your local bookstore
    • The Reading Adventure starts now!
    • The Crosstown Event will be a digital scavenger hunt from March 11th-15th. This hunt will be on the  GooseChase platform, and will be an outdoor adventure of solving puzzles and taking pictures of common items
    • The Crosstown Event is open to everyone and is designed to be completed in groups with family members or friends. Reading the novel will give you an edge to completing the puzzles throughout the hunt.
    • Prizes will be raffled to several students who were able to complete the hunt. 
    •  If you have any questions, contact