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    Student Tech Help Tech Help is here to assist you in accessing and utilizing district resources.  Student Tech Help contains answers to common tech questions. If you cannot find the help you need on these pages, please visit the Tech Support Assistance section at the bottom for your next steps.

Internet Connectivity

  • Home Connectivity to the Internet

  • School Connectivity to the Internet

Tech Support Assistance

  • Having issues that weren’t answered in the sections above?  Need help troubleshooting something else?  You can access support through the following steps:

    1. Double check none of the topic areas above have the answer to your issue.  There are answers to many frequently asked questions.
    2. Check your school's Students page.  If you need help finding the page, Find my School's Students Page has directions on how to find it.  You will find links to apps that your school uses frequently.
    3. Contact the teacher of the particular class for assistance.

    If these steps don't help in resolving your problem, follow the steps for eLearning Tech Support or In School Tech Support.

    eLearning Tech Support

    If your teacher cannot resolve the issue or answer your question, students/parents can submit a Parent/Student Help Desk Ticket.

    If you are not able to submit a ticket online, IT Support can be contacted at your home school by calling the main school number. Please ask to be connected with the Computer Support Associate (CSA).  Technical support will be available during normal school hours

    To help D203 IT staff observe Shelter in Place and social distancing requirements, all equipment swap or break/fix eLearning technology support will be provided on an appointment basis only.  Service appointments will be available Monday - Friday from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.  Appointment details will be arranged as part of the Help Desk ticket process.  To allow D203 IT to make all necessary preparations for quick service turnaround, please follow the Help Desk or call processes as described above.  Please do not go directly to a District building seeking IT support. 

    In School Tech Support

    If your teacher cannot resolve the issue or answer your question, ask to visit your school's Computer Support Associate (CSA).

    Additional Information

    The District IT team will provide technology assistance for all parents/students during the eLearning timeframe.  The IT Support team will only address technology issues with District provided equipment (Chromebooks/iPads for students, laptops for staff) and District applications (Infinite Campus, Canvas, Google GSuite, etc.)  Support will not be available for personally owned equipment (laptops, Apple products, cell phones, routers, wireless access points etc.) or issues with your local Internet Service Provider or ISP (Comcast, AT&T, WOW!, etc.)   Be aware that your local ISP connection speed will be the limiting factor for at-home response time and nothing can be done at the District level to address connectivity speeds.

    Additional information concerning technology support and parent resources can be found on the Tech Support pages, Tech Help and Student Tech Help.