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    Dear Redhawks,

    Remote Learning is a new experience for us all, and we want you to know that your teachers and NCHS staff are here to support your learning throughout this experience.

    • Please call our main office line and leave a message if you require learning materials that need to be picked up at NCHS.  We listen to messages at the end of each day. Please be assured that although you might not get an immediate response, you will get a response to your request within 24 hours.  You can reach the message line by calling 630.420.6420.
    • Please contact our Learning Commons directors if you need assistance with online access at home.  Email cgottlieb@naperville203.org or  jhayward@naperville203.org and they will respond with next steps to gain internet access from your home. 
    • Families can also sign up for free internet through Comcast by visiting www.internetessentials.com or by calling 1-855-846-8376 for English and 1-855-765-6995 for Spanish.  Additionally, you can reach out to your school directly to make alternate arrangements for internet service or request paper materials. 

    Student expectations for eLearning days:

    1. We are transitioning to a 4-period day in order to adhere to the ISBE guidelines for Remote Learning at the high school level.  Students should be aware of the classes for which they are required to engage in Remote Learning activities each day. D203 April High School Remote Learning Calendar
    2. Students should login to Canvas at 9:00 am each Remote Learning Day and look through the day’s learning tasks for the courses “meeting” each day.
      1. Do you understand what you will learn and how you will demonstrate your learning?  If not, please communicate with your teacher through Canvas or email before you get started.  
      2. You must login to the Canvas page for each of the courses meeting by 2 pm each Remote Learning day in order to account for your attendance in each class.  The Canvas page will contain a link to a Google form that will record your attendance for this course.
    3. Once you understand directions, engage in the learning activities assigned for each of your courses.  
      1. You should expect to be engaged in learning activity for approximately 45 minutes for each class.  We do not suggest completing the work for each course consecutively.  Take breaks throughout the day and make sure your own health and wellness needs are being met too.  
      2. Each NCHS faculty member will establish and communicate “office hours” with students and families.  During office hours, teachers are available to provide individual instruction or assistance and answer your questions. Our non-teaching professionals will also communicate office hours during which they will be responsive to your needs and questions.  Through office hours, you can be assured that NCHS faculty members will address your questions and learning needs each day.

    Thank you for your engagement in Remote Learning experiences as we all work together to ensure essential learning continues in these unprecedented times.


  • Tech Support

    Students/Parents can access chromebook support through the following steps:

    -Check the FAQ page for answers to your questions. 

    -Contact the teacher of the particular class for assistance.  (Your teacher will provide you with their contact information)

    -If your teacher is unable to resolve the issue or answer your question, submit an e-Learning Help Desk Ticket by clicking here.

    For additional information click here.

    e-Learning IT Support phone number is (630) 328-5836.