• January 2019


    Dear Parents and Guardians:


    The safety of our students and staff is a top priority for Naperville 203 and I wanted to apprise you again on the progress we are making in this area. As I updated you earlier this year, we continue to review our safety measures as we learn from best practices.


    This school year, in collaboration with our local law enforcement agencies, Naperville 203 schools are transitioning to a new safety response plan known as ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate). The ALICE approach is an alternative to the more passive lockdown method by empowering individuals to make critical decisions during a crisis. Our school-level staff have completed scenario-based training to compliment mandatory online training that took place this fall.


    We will now begin the process of training our students at the secondary level (grades 6 through 12). This age-appropriate discussion will make our older students aware of the ALICE approach and teach them basic skills associated with this new response plan. The ALICE training will be similar to how our students prepare for a fire or weather-related drills. Practice and preparation are key to all safety response initiatives. It is our goal to begin the ALICE awareness with the older students prior to implementing any discussion at the younger ages. However, as stated above, staff at all grade levels have been ALICE trained.


    We will continue to update our community during this process. Junior high and high school principals will be sending out messages to their school communities with more information on timing of ALICE training. For more information, please visit the safety section of our website.




    Dan Bridges


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