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    Building Bridges Resource Manual
    Building Bridges Manual de recursos

    Building Bridges to the Future - An organization which assists families and professionals in transitioning students with disabilities to the world of adult services. ​


    Benedictine University Moser Center - Working with young adults to further their education. Scholarships and leadership training are available.


    Celebrate Potential Family Entrepreneurial Network - A research resource and referral network in the greater Chicago Area.


    Central Perk - A microbusiness coffee shop located at Naperville Central High School allowing students to learn and practice job skills in a supportive and authentic environment.​


    Cherubim Developmental Training Program - This training program serves adults, in West Chicago, who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Cherubim aims to educate and equip adults with skills that enable them to flourish in all aspects of their lives.


    College of DuPage - The College of DuPage is committed to equality of educational opportunities for eligible students with disabilities.


    Community Access Naperville (CAN) - Supports young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by providing volunteer services to local no profit organizations.


    Connection of Friends - A Community based program which provides a place for teens, (aged 16 and older) and adults with special needs, to gather socially with an emphasis on life skills and fitness activities.


    DayOne Pact ​- A unique among not-for-profit agencies serving DuPage, Kane, and Kendall Counties as it is the only life-spanning (birth to death) service coordination agency for people with developmental disabilities.


    Department of Human Services - DHS is an agency that assists families in many ways including finding adult service agencies, exploring funding for services, disability rehabilitation, and more.


    Department of Rehabilitation Services - DRS works in partnership with people with disabilities and their families. DRS' mission it to help families make informed choices so their young adult may achieve community participation to the greatest extent possible.


    DuPage Transition Planning Committee - The DuPage Transition Planning Committee works to improve the transition experience from high school to a successful adult life for young adults with disabilities. Most of the high schools, transition programs, and agencies that serve adults with disabilities in DuPage County are active members.


    Elmhurst Learning and Success Academy - ELSA is a program that offers a full-time post-secondary education to young adults with developmental disabilities. The program includes academics, career exploration, independent living skills, and social and recreation skills.


    Family Benefit Solutions Inc. - Family Benefit Solutions Inc. is dedicated to empowering families with knowledge about available benefits.


    Great Lakes ADA Center - The Great Lake's mission is to increase awareness and knowledge of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The ultimate aim of the Great Lakes ADA Center is to achieve voluntary compliance with the act.​


    Hoopis Group - Hoopis Group offers financial planning services to families.


    Life's Plan Inc. - Life's Plan Inc. manages special needs trusts in pooled investment for meeting the supplemental service needs of people with disabilities without jeopardizing state and federal benefits. The goal of each trust is to enhance the quality of life for the beneficiary by providing a financial mechanism


    Naperville 203 - NCUSD 203 is the homepage of our school district. From here you can be directed to the full range of services our district offers.


    Parents Alliance Employment Project - The Parents Alliance Employment Project serves individuals residing in DuPage County who have a documented disability that may include developmental, cognitive, mental and physical disabilities. Professional Employment Specialists work one on one with individuals with disabilities to provide an array of supported employment and services.


    Prairie State Legal Services - Prairie State Legal Services helps ensure equal access to fair treatment under the law by providing legal advice, representation, advocacy, education and outreach that serve to protect human needs and enforce or uphold rights.​


    P.U.N.S. ​- PUNS is the Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services and is a statewide waiting list of individuals with developmental disabilities that have applies for, and are awaiting, funding and/or services.


    Ray Graham Association - The mission of Ray Graham is to empower people with disabilities by offering educational, vocational, community, respite, early intervention, home based and residential programs and services.


    Spectrum Vocational Services (Little Friends Inc.) - Spectrum provides subcontracted services to a number of area businesses. Jobs include hand assembly work, collating, packaging and recycling among others.


    Supported Employment Associates - Supported Employment Associates serves as a liaison between people with disabilities and prospective or current employers. Their mission is to provide supported employment services from job search plans to ongoing job coaching and follow up training in a standard work environment.


    Service, Inc. - Service, Inc. helps people with developmental delays and disabilities, access choices for a better life.


    Waubonsee Community College - WCC's Access Center for Disability provides support services and reasonable accommodations to students with a variety of disabilities. The Access Center offers Delta Sigma Omicron chapter on campus, open to all students interested in advocating on behalf of or working with individuals with disabilities.


    WDSRA Rec and Roll - is a therapeutic based day program for individuals with a developmental disability, aged 22+ . Therapeutic recreation uses education and recreation services to help participants develop and enhance their quality of life.


    We Grow Dreams - A job training program which provides opportunities for our Team Members to learn a variety of tasks in the day to day operation of a wholesale and retail greenhouse business.


    Work Incentives Planning and Assistance (WIPA) - WIPA enables beneficiaries with disabilities to make informed choices about work while supporting working beneficiaries to make a successful transition to self sufficiency.


    workNet DuPage Career Center - workNet DuPage is home to several organizations working in partnership. Job seeker services include scholarships for job training programs, job search workshops, career counseling, a job search resource center and more.