School Improvement Plan


Indicator CL7: The environment of the school (physical, social, emotional, and behavioral) is safe, welcoming, and conducive to learning.
  • Redefine SOAR.
  • Conduct Nurtured Heart training.
  • Conduct Nurtured Heart instructional rounds
  • Create and administer Social Emotional Survey for staff and students.
  • Share “socio-grams” each semester.
  • Teachers will share how SOAR/Nurtured Heart is implemented in classroom.
  • Create an After-School sports program for 4th and 5th grade boys.
  • Continue to implement “Club Flare.”

Indicator IIC01: Units of instruction include specific learning activities aligned to objectives.
  • Update the PLC guide.
  • Train and model for staff in the use of PLC guide.
  • Create a shared location for housing PLC guides and email PLC agenda’s prior to meetings
  • Conduct instructional rounds with a focus on learning targets
Indicator IIIA06: All teachers test frequently using a variety of evaluation methods and maintain a record of the results.
  • Create a grade level chart identifying high leverage CCSS which includes assessment windows based on the district supplement in Math.
  • In Math, grade levels will determine specific evidence for each high leverage power standard that demonstrates mastery.
  • Create grade level chart identifying Power Standards/CCSS which includes assessment windows based on the district supplement in Literacy.
  • In Literacy, grade levels will determine evidence for each high leverage/power standard that demonstrates mastery.
  • Provide samples of Reading Conference Forms.
  • Provide Professional Development in effective implementation and use of running records.
Indicator IID08: Instructional Teams review student learning data (academic, physical, social, emotional, behavioral) to assess and make decisions about curriculum and instructional strategies.
  • Progress monitoring tools will be used with a focus on high leverage standards.
  • Assessment training on Mastery Manager, PARCC, and Performance Series.
  • Staff members will reflect on and analyze how social emotional behaviors impact student learning.

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