Link Crew is a high school orientation and transition program that increases freshman success.  Members of the junior and senior class are trained to be Link Crew Leaders who act as positive role models, motivators, student mentors and teachers helping guide the freshmen to discover what it takes to be successful during their high school transition.  As freshman success increases, the benefits to the school climate and culture become apparent; Link Crew schools report having greater student connection, increased extracurricular participation, fewer discipline issues and improved academic performance.  Link Crew schools value the service-learning and character development achieved through this proven high school orientation program. 


    Naperville North is excited to start another year with Enter with Pride and continue with Link Crew lunch for our incoming freshman class.  Our class of 2019 will walk away with having a strong connection to several peers and staff from day one.  This relationship will continue throughout their freshman year and years to come. 


    Our students will meet once a week, either on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday for the first semester.  On the days a student has Link Crew Lunch, he/she will spend their lunch in their Link Crew classroom.  When and where each student should report for Link Crew will be on his/her schedule.  While Link Crew only officially meets for the first semester; the relationships will continue through the year. 


    Any questions regarding Link Crew or Enter with Pride should be directed to Mrs. Hilary Lehman at 548-4384 or hlehman@naperville203.org