School supply kits are available for purchase online with The Write Stuff. Purchase by June 23rd for promotional pricing and free delivery to the school, or by July 14th for delivery to your home for a small fee.

    Easy Ordering Instructions
    1. Go to www.write-stuff.com/storefront/school/mges.
    2. Select student’s grade level for the next school year.
    3. Enter student’s name.
    4. Review kit contents. You may make modifications, if desired. (For example, if you already have some of the requested supplies, you may remove them from your kit order. Please remember to bring those items to your student’s new classroom next year.)
    5. Follow prompts to check out or continue shopping.

    NOTE ON HEADPHONES: Each year, students are directed to take their headphones home for the summer and are asked to bring them back for the following school year. Therefore, if you previously purchased headphones and they are still in working order, no action is required on your part. However, if your student needs new headphones, parents are encouraged to purchase the Camcor Deluxe Headset through The Write Stuff website (the last button after all grade level kits). If purchasing elsewhere, all student headphones must have volume control and microphone. Please be aware that the CSA desk will not be handing out free earbuds.

    If purchasing school supplies elsewhere, grade-level lists can be found below. Please be sure to select your child’s grade for the next school year.


    Contact mg203schoolsupplies@gmail.com with any questions.