AP Spanish WE Service Learning Projects

  • The following are projects that the AP Spanish students completed to showcase their work for their WE service learning project.


    Group 1:

    Myles Hull, Maya Mehrotra, Alan Wandke

    WE Service Learning Project


    Group 2: 

    Liz Ducharme, Michael Jacobson, Eilzabeth Liu

    CREO DuPage


    Group 3:

    Navya Bellamkonda, Margot Dawson, Alexandra Dram

    WE Service Learning Project: La Probeza


    Group 4: 

    Talia Ellison, Grace Granato

    Project not handed in


    Group 5:

    Fernando Ramos, Katie Southon, Naomi Thevatheril

    Project not handed in


    Group 6:

    Isabella Chang, Sofia Fernandez, Belen Velazquez

    Project not handed in