• Frequently asked questions

    Below is a list of frequently asked questions. These answers should help you address most of the questions or concerns that arise from the Online Annual Update.


    We are a divorced family. Who is responsible for completing the Online Annual Update


    Only the primary parent/guardian has the ability to complete the online annual update for their child. Parent/Guardians in a secondary household can see the status of their child’s application but cannot update or submit information on the student’s behalf.


    I am the primary parent/guardian, but do not see my ex-spouse listed. Should I add him/her name and address to the update?


    We are only requiring the parent/guardian of the primary household to verify and  update his/her information. Secondary household information will not be reflected in the Online Annual Update; however, the secondary parent/guardian can still log into the Campus Portal and view the status of their child's application.  There is no need for the primary parent/guardian to update or add any information related to the secondary household.

    All updates and changes to the secondary household should be directed to our Centralized Enrollment Department by calling 630-548-4320


    What happens if I am remarried or divorced? Can I remove my divorced spouse or add my new spouse to the household?


    All changes to primary parent/guardian relationship to any household will need to accompany a Parenting/Custody Agreement or some type of legal documentation stating who has residential custody of the student and who can or cannot see information on a student. You may add or remove parent/guardians, but your application will not be approved until all supporting documentation has been brought to our Centralized Enrollment department. If you have questions, you can contact 630-548-4320.


    We moved over the summer, should I add my new address?


    Yes. Please use your new address when updating your information through the Online Annual Update. You will need to bring in proof of residency documentation to our Centralized Enrollment department. Your application will not be approved until all information has been received and verified.


    My child is at the Ann Reid Early Childhood Center. Will I also do the Online Annual Update?


    Parent/Guardians of students who are enrolled in our PK program will do the Online Annual Update; Parent/Guardians of students who are in the Birth to Three program will complete their annual update directly with the Ann Reid Early Childhood Center and will not be included in the Online Annual Update. If you have any questions regarding your Birth to Three student, you may contact the Administrative Coordinator for the Birth to Three Program at 630-305-4392.


    Parent/Guardians of PK students who are transitioning to Kindergarten will need to enroll their students through our Online Enrollment process. Please click here to begin. Incoming Kindergarten students will not be required to go through the Online Annual Update, because their enrollment for the following school year will update their information.


    I noticed my race/ethnicity is incorrect. How do I change that?


    If you notice your child’s information is incorrect, please send an email to Parent Support at parentsupport@naperville203.org so we can update your records on our end. Please make sure to include your student’s full name, student ID and the correct race.


    My child has a health condition called Other ill-defined conditions. What does that mean?


    If your child has a condition in our system that you do not recognize, please contact your school’s health office for clarification.


    I’m having problems with the links when I go through the Naperville 203 App.


    We recommend access the Online Annual Update through the Parent Portal site and not through the Naperville 203 or the Parent Portal App. Click here to go directly to the Campus Portal.


    How do I pay my child’s fees?


    Fees are due in the spring for students entering grades K-5. Fee statements for students entering 6th -12th grade will receive fee statements in the mail mid-July. Parents can pay their fees by check or cash by visiting their child’s school.  Parents can also choose to pay their fees by credit card by visiting our web store at: https://www.studentquickpay.com/naperville203/


    We are a new family for the following year. Will we still need to go through the Online Annual Update?


    Only families with returning students who have a current enrollment will need to go through the annual update. Current families who plan enrolling a new student should go through our Online Enrollment Application process. Click here to begin.


    We do not have a computer or internet access at home? How will we complete the Online Annual Update?


    For families that do not have a computer or internet access, every District 203 school has computers available for use during normal office hours.  Please contact your school’s main office to determine their office hours.


    I don’t see my senior listed in the Online Annual Update.


    Only students who are returning for the following year will be included in the Online Annual Update. All students who are graduating will not be included.