The Bloom Room

  • ​Our students combine the beauty of nature with their artistic talent to create arrangements using flowers donated to our program by Trader Joe's of Naperville.


    Our students prep the re-purposed blooms, creating arrangements that they deliver to our business partners and those who may be experiencing sickness, disability and poverty.  All of our arrangements are placed in our signature mason jars and wrapped with baker's twine. 


    The Bloom Room has taken our love of flowers to the next level by offering unique arrangements and petite bouquets for small, local events.  Using seasonally available and standout flowers, our students create arrangements having an organic and individual touch.  We ask for a program donation in lieu of offering a fixed price for our arrangements.  Please fill out the form below to contact The Bloom Room directly, including a brief description of your event and vision.  We will gladly work with you to meet your needs.