• The Inside Out Club at Meadow Glens!  


    The Inside Out Club teaches kids to be kind, accepting, self-aware and so much more through volunteer projects and community awareness! Over 30 local not for profit charity organizations will be introduced helping our kids better understand our local needs and volunteer opportunities right here in our neighborhoods! 


    The Club is FREE for our Meadow Glens students! It is only 1 hour each month (after school from 2:30-3:45pm once a month) through the Fall and Spring offering 8 afternoons total for the year.  So many other schools have this great program in our Naperville, District 203 - Ellsworth, Elmwood, Kingsley, Maplebrook, Meadow Glens, Prairie, Ranch View, and Steeple Run! 


    This year we will offer The Club to 1st – 3rd graders and will have 25 spots. If you are interested in having your child participate, permission slips will go home in September.  


    If you are able to volunteer for the hour your child will be guaranteed a spot in the club. We’ll do a separate sign up for Fall and Spring. 


    About the School Program—


    Lead Volunteer - We are thrilled to have Marion Ruthig, a Meadow Glen’s Mom and Founder and Executive Director for Inside Out Club DuPage as our lead volunteer this year. She is looking for help with the Club, so it can continue at Meadow Glens for years to come. Her email is marion@insideoutclub.org.




    • 3-year rolling curriculum comprised of 23 lessons- so kids can come back each year and have a totally new experience! 
    • Lessons tie to Illinois Common Core and Social and Emotional Learning Standards - So our school teachers and leaders fully support the additional opportunity for SEL growth 
    • Developed with input from professionals in education, psychology and counseling



    Cost- FREE!

    • We do not charge for the school program! Parent and Home & School donations are welcome!



    Here’s some topics at the club where the kids get a chance to talk about, play games and do projects around: 

  • Being Socially Responsible

    • Caring for Animals
    • Caring for the Sick
    • Helping Globally

    Embracing Humanity

    • Celebrating Neuro-Diversity
    • Celebrating Physical Diversity
    • Friends with Dif-abilities
    • Welcome to Your New Home
    • Including Seniors

    Developing Mindfulness & Character

    • Mindfulness Matters
    • Power of Character
    • Same Only Different

    Supporting Troops & Veterans

    • Supporting Our Troops
    • Thank a Veteran
  • Meeting Basic Needs

    • Appreciating Water
    • Childhood Hunger
    • Homelessness in Our Community
    • Hunger in Our Community
    • Literacy Launch
    • Needs vs. Wants
    • Overcoming Food Insecurity
    • Transportation Access

    Protecting Our Earth

    • Caring for the Planet
    • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • 23 lessons + 8 Character Traits + 6 Social Causes + Over 30 Local Nonprofits = Inside Out Club Curriculum


    This is such a cool opportunity and we’re thrilled to have it at Meadow Glens!  Anyone interested in volunteering, please contact Marion Ruthig at marion@insideoutclub.org. Also, you can check out their website at www.insideoutclub.org.