Required Documents

  • The following documents will be included in the Registration mailing in late July and must be returned at Registration:

    • CENSUS VERIFICATION:   All students must return the Census Verification form signed by their parent/guardian. If your address on the Census Verification is not your current address, please read the Change of Address Information document. 
    • EMERGENCY CARD:  All students must return the completed card to the nurses’ station at Registration.
    • PERMISSIONS FORM 2018-19:  Permissions may change from one year to the next so all students must return the completed and signed form.
    • CHILDREN OF US MILITARY PERSONNEL:  Since military status may change from one year to the next, all students must complete the form for the current school year.
    • TRANSCRIPT RELEASE AUTHORIZATION:   This form, collected from all seniors, allows NCHS to send transcripts electronically  when requested by the student.


    Change of Address Information Link