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    Donavan's Word Jar Book Jacket

    It is time for our 6th Annual “One School One Book” program at Ellsworth School!  This year, we selected Donavan's Word Jar by Monalisa DeGross.  Our hope is this will inspire your family to read aloud together and pay closer attention to the interesting words all around us!

    At Open House, each family received:Ellsworth Word Jar

    Ellsworth Word Jar Forms

    There are two different versions of the Ellsworth Word Jar Form that can be used to participate in filling the Ellsworth Word Jar.

    Ellsworth Family Word Form PDFEllsworth Word Jar Form

    Use the pdf version of the form if you want to print out the form and fill in the boxes by hand.  Bring in the finished copy to give to your teacher or Mrs. Hodonicky.

    Ellsworth Family Word Form Google Slide

    Use the Google Slide version of the form if you have a Google Account.  (All 2nd to 5th graders have a one which they use with their chromebooks.)  A copy of the Google Slide Form can be found at https://goo.gl/W7XqhE

    Three ways to use this form include:

    • click to fill in each box and insert a picture to illustrate the word,
    • click to fill in each box and then print it out to draw a picture illustrating the word or
    • print out the form and fill in by hand.

    You can share the slide with Mrs. Hodonicky or email it to her at JHodonicky@naperville203.org.

    Ellsworth School Word Jar Please send in your family’s choice of an interesting word by February 23rd.  We are looking forward to seeing them on the monitors and our jar full!


     Thank you to H&S for sponsoring this program!

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