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    Educators from Naperville District 203, Indian Prairie District 204 and Wheaton Warrenville District 200 joined forces to create Expanding Learning Opportunities (eLo). This program is designed to engage students and ensure their success by providing meaningful and high-quality online learning opportunities.
    eLo Consortium Contact Information
    Eric "Kip" Pygman, Director of Digital Learning - eLo Consortium: - 630-375-3791 / Eric_Pygman@ipsd.org


    For more information about taking an online course through our eLo program, please watch the following videos: 
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    Enrolling in an Online Course (D203)

    Did you know your high school student can enroll in a 100% online course during the Fall or Spring semester? Our district offers 14 online courses during the academic year. The top reason our students enroll is to experience an online course before attending college. Others enroll because they prefer more autonomy to choose when and where they work. Students may register for an online course using the same process and at the same time they register for their on-campus or blended learning classes. Please note that an online course counts as one of a student’s seven scheduled classes, and students taking an online course are required to have a study hall, late arrival or early dismissal in their schedule.

    Would you like to learn more? We invite you to visit the online program’s website.