Cryptography/Coding Club

  • Mrs. Kainrath

    Mrs. Kahn

  • The Meadow Glens Crypto Club will teach students cryptography, related to mathematics, reading and coding. Students will create video tutorials that describe their solutions to mathematics and cryptography problems and, in the process, focus more deeply on the problems. Cryptography is important in our modern technological society, not only to diplomats and military personnel, but also to ordinary citizens, as they use computers and cellphones to share information through the Internet while shopping, banking or just communicating with friends.


    Teaching students about cryptography makes them aware of basic notions of encryption and helps prepare them for jobs in STEM fields in which data security is important.   Due to the mathematical nature of the subject and the natural interest surrounding secret messages, cryptography is also an exciting hook for learning and applying mathematics.


    -Mrs. Kainrath & Mrs. Kahn