• Kennedy Jr. High School Improvement Plan


    Indicator ID10: The school’s Leadership Team will regularly look at school performance data and aggregated classroom observation data and use that data to make decisions about school improvement and professional development needs.


    • Identify the types of aggregate classroom data that are meaningful to collect
    • Create a systematic method for staff members to collect aggregate classroom data.
    • Identify the optimal methods (format, location, activity, etc.) for disseminating & analyzing aggregate classroom data.
    • Identify professional development needs from the aggregate data & opportunities to engage staff members in targeted professional development on the identified needs.

    Indicator IID08: Instructional Teams review student learning data (academic, physical, social, emotional, behavioral) to assess and make decisions about curriculum and instructional strategies.


    • Teacher leaders will implement a Common PLC Framework.
    • The vision of PLCs at Kennedy will be communicated to all staff members.
    • Information will be collected from each PLC on what types of formative assessment data are being used to inform instruction.
    • Professional learning on formative assessment (i.e., what it is, how to use it) will be initiated within each PLC.

    Indicator IIIA07: All teachers differentiate assignments (individualize instruction) in response to individual student performance on pre-tests and other methods of assessment


    • Staff will learn how formative assessment can be used to differentiate instruction.
    • Staff members will investigate or learn about differentiated instructional methods.
    • Staff members will apply differentiated instruction methods based on student learning needs.
    • Collect and analyze evidence on the implementation and effectiveness of differentiated instruction. 
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