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     Ellsworth Clothing Resale

    Visit the Ellsworth H&S Clothing Resale Consignment Manager site to register for selling or volunteering or to sign up to be added to our mailing lists.  Below you will find links to our flyers and Seller information packet as well as pictures from past sales.

    Ellsworth Clothing Resale Fall 2017 Flyers

    The Ellsworth Clothing Resale Fall Flyers give an overview of our sale.


    Fall Flyer   en español

    Fall Flyer Full Color    en español


    Ellsworth Clothing Resale Seller Information

    The Seller Sign-Up packet provides the information sellers need to know about the Ellsworth Clothing Resale.  A Seller Sign-Up Short packet is more condensed for experienced sellers.

    Ellsworth Clothing Resale Food and Snack Donations

    Supplying a meal or snacks is a great way to support the Clothing Resale. To view the sign-up, go to Ellsworth Clothing Resale Food and Snack Donations.

    Facebook Logo Like us on Facebook for up to date information about the Clothing Resale and other H&S activities. Our Facebook page is Ellsworth-Elementary-Home-and-School.

    Ellsworth Clothing Resale Pictures