Interactive Whiteboard

  • What are Interactive Whiteboards?

    Interactive Whiteboards (or IWBs) are large interactive displays that connect to a computer and a projector. Users can control and manipulate images, shapes and text displayed on the computer using a pen, finger or other device. District 203 utilizes the SMART Board product series.

    Why do we utilize the Interactive Whiteboard as a teaching and learning tool in District 203?
    Research has shown that when IWBs are used effectively they can have a significant impact on student achievement. Three areas of use stand out as being effective in aiding student learning. These are:
    • When students are able to use IWB and student-response systems to answer questions and get immediate feedback, and then to discuss their responses with teachers or peers.
    • When lessons use images and visuals that enhance the understanding of new content or expand on existing knowledge.
    • When students are able to use the IWB software to practice and reinforce their learning.

    To view District 203 students utilizing interactive whiteboards in the classroom, click on the video play button below.