• First Student Bus Transportation

    Who qualifies for bus service?

    Transportation is provided by state funds for students with Individualized Education Plans and students that qualify for state funded grants (PFA).

    Who is First Student?  

    First Student is contracted by District 203 to provide bus transportation for Early Childhood Students.     

    How do I contact First Student?

    First Student Transportation Department can be reached at 630-964-2500.

    Who will provide me with transportation information (bus route and pick up time)?

    First Student will contact you with information on bus number and the time your child will be picked up and dropped off.   Please be ready when the bus arrives.   First Student asks that you wait at your bus stop three minutes before and three after your designated pick up time.   

    Who should I call with concerns about my child’s bus route?  

    District 203 provides bus route information to First Student.  If you have concerns please contact District 203 transportation department, 630-420-6464.

    Who do I call if my child is absent?

    It is the parent’s responsibility to call First Student (630-964-2500) and the

    Health Office (630-848-5372) if your child is absent and will not be attending school.

    What if my child is not taking the bus home from school?

    Parents are responsible to notify the classroom teacher via communication notebook if you are picking up your child from school instead of having them taking the bus home.  Please contact the health office at 630-848-5372 if being released early.

    How do I know if my child should sit in a star seat or seat belt?

    The type of safety belt will be determined by your child’s weight.  All students are weighed by the school nurse to ensure safety for all students.  Students that weigh less than 40 pounds are required by law to sit in a star seat. Students that weigh over 40 pounds are required to wear a seat belt.                         

    What if I need to change my pick up or drop off location?

    A special transportation change form needs to be filled out if any changes in transportation occur.   Please call the front office to request a transportation change form.  We can send it home in your child’s backpack.  Please note when the form is received back to the office it will  take approximately 7 school days to take effect.  

    What happens if I need someone else to pick my child up from the bus stop? 

    The person picking up your child at the bus stop has to be identified in writing on the original transportation form.  This form is filled out when bus transportation is set up for your child.  The bus driver will ask this person for identification when they drop off your child at the stop. The transportation form is attached for changes that may occur throughout the school year.  Please download the form and return it to the front office.   Your child will not be released to any adult that is not on the current form.  Permission needs to be given in writing.  This policy is put in place to ensure the safety of all students.


    Drop off and pick up locations must be the same for each day of the week.