• College Planning Tips
    College Search Tools

    College Board: Get started, find colleges, and explore careers.

    College Confidential: Start a discussion, search for schools, understand the admissions requirements, and learn about college life.

    College Tool Kit: Take a career assessment test, find a college that's a great fit, and learn about the FAFSA application.

    International Colleges and Universities: Is your dream school across the pond...or beyond? Find out how international opportunities stack up against those in the United States.

    Petersons College Search: Find the best colleges and universities for you. Review scholarship myths, learn about admissions scandals, and review step-by-step college planning timelines.

    U.S. Community Colleges by State: Want to start off at a two-year college first? This list provides a myriad of possibilities - from California to Maine.

    Vocational Schools Database: Looking for something other than the traditional four-year college? Check out opportunities in electronics, HVAC, and the automotive industry.

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