Intramurals at Lincoln

  • Intramurals are open to all students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Intramurals sports take place outside of the regular school hours. Students may not participate in intramurals if they are excused from physical education because of injury or illness. For a one-time fee students may participate in one or all of these activities. There are additional fees for bowling, golf and ski club and laser tag.  For a description of an intramural, click the appropriate link in the left sidebar.  Sponsors names are included as contacts for questions. 

     Intramural Schedule 2021-2022

                      Basketball Boys 6th Grade    
                      Basketball Boys 7th & 8th Grade
                      Basketball All Girls
                      Bombardment 6th Grade
                      Bombardment 7th & 8th Grade
                      Cross Country 6th
                      Cross Counrty Skiing
                      Flag Football 6th
                      Floor Hockey
                      Four Square   
                      Golf & Golf Lessons
                      Got Miles Running
                      Kickball - Backyard
                      Laser Tag
                      Open Gym
                      Ski Club
                      Volleyball 6th Grade
                      Wrestling 6th Grade