Summer School is a condensed learning experience that concentrates coursework normally covered in an 18-week term into either a 3 or 6-week term. This unique instructional schedule may prove difficult for some students to meet while missing no more than two days of class.


    We strongly encourage your close consideration of the nature of the summer school experience before registering for any summer school classes. Additionally, you must consult the academic counselor for assistance in selecting appropriate summer classes.


    This packet of information pertains to registration for traditional Summer School only. ELO (online) Summer Registration information can be found at https://www.eloconsortium.org/







    District 203 summer school course registration begins January 28, 2019


    Registration Deadlines:

    • 5/11/19 is the transportation deadline to be included in the development of bus routes
    • 5/24/19 is the deadline for registration for 1st semester classes
    • 6/14/19 is the deadline for registration for 2nd semester classes All fees must be paid in full by the first day of summer

    Please note that in-district students attending private schools must also go through new student registration at the D203 office.



    Location: PSAC at 203 West Hillside Road

    • 2/9/19- 8:30-11:30 AM
    • 3/16/19- 8:30-11:30 AM
    • 4/13/19- 8:30-11:30 AM
    • 5/11/19- 8:30-11:30 AM



    Monday through Friday 6/4/19-6/21/19, 6/24/19-7/12/19 Session 1: 7:30-9:50

    Session 2: 10:00-12:20


    *No school July 4-5


    Tuition Driver Education: $400

    Tuition Summer School:    $210=1/2 credit, $420=1 credit Transportation: $25 per three week session

    *Each class includes a $25 non-refundable registration fee



    5/23/19 at 7:00 PM in the Naperville North High School NPAC (Auditorium)

    Meet the directors and receive summer school information on rules and regulations.



    Full School Day: 7:30 AM TO 12:20 PM Session 1: 7:30AM - 9:50AM

    Session 2: 10:00AM - 12:20 PM

    • Semester Classes: 7:30-12:10


    Note: The term and length of the school day may vary depending upon the class or classes in which a student is enrolled.



    Naperville North High School



    Transportation will be available for $25 per three week session for qualifying District 203 residents. Registration received prior to May 11, 2019 will be used to construct bus routes. Bus routes are unique to summer enrollment and may not reflect the established routes of the regular school year. Students currently considered walkers in the NNHS area will not receive bus transportation.

    Registrations that include transportation submitted after May 11, 2019 will not be considered in the development of bus routes; however, students will be able to join an existing route once they are communicated. This transportation is ONLY available for Summer School session 1 arrival, which occurs at 7:30 AM and at the end of session 2, which is at 12:20 PM.


    Eligibility for transportation will follow the regular school year bussing policies found at: http://www.naperville203.org/domain/874.




    Students who are regularly transported to or from a bus stop other than the one assigned for their home address must have a signed, current request on file at District 203’s transportation office. This form is required when a day care is used and the student must be picked up or dropped off at an alternate location. This form is required to be filed annually or whenever a change is made, and must be filled out for summer school even if it was already filled out for the regular academic school year. Forms must be received by May 11, 2019 in order to be processed for the first day of summer school. Requests received after school has started may require up to 3 days processing time. Requests may not be honored if the requested bus is at capacity. Click here to download the Request to Transport Student to/from a Different Bus Stop.





    To attend Summer School, students must be attending high school or about to enter high school in the upcoming fall. All such students are welcome to enroll provided they meet the prerequisites for individual courses. Counselors must be involved in the Summer school course selection process.





    Since summer school is such a condensed school experience, regular and prompt attendance is extremely important. Students are expected to be present. However, it is recognized that illnesses and emergencies may occur. Students are allowed a maximum of 2 absences during a class regardless if the class runs for only 3 weeks or the entire 6 weeks of summer school. More than this allotment will result in the student being dropped from the class with a loss of credit without refund. This policy is also applicable to blended learning classes on dates when teachers require some or all of the students to be present in class.


    Parents are asked to telephone the Summer School Office at (630) 420-3014 before 8:00 am the morning of the student’s absence.


    Students are allowed 3 tardies per semester. A tardy is defined as being no more than 15 minutes late. Students are counted tardy when they arrive late to class and tardy when they return late from a break. Upon the fourth tardy (and thereafter) a detention will be assigned. Students arriving after 15 minutes need to report to the Summer School Office. Students will receive a detention and a partial-day or full-day absence will be recorded depending upon time of arrival. Chronic tardiness may result in withdrawal from class.


    Parents are asked not to register students when they anticipate a conflict with their personal schedule. No special arrangements will be made after the allowed two days of absences for reason of participation in summer camps, institutes, vacation, workshops, etc.

    This includes other camps or programs run by the school district.


    The final exam in each of the classes will be given the last day of each semester (June 21 and July 12). Students in semester-long courses, which span than the full 6 weeks of summer school, are required to be in attendance on June 21st. Classes may be using that time for instruction or for mid-quarter assessments. There will be a reduced class day on the exam dates where all students are expected to be in class for 100 minutes. If students are absent, planned or unplanned, there will be no makeup, nor can the final exam or mid-term exam be administered early. The grade for the exam in these cases will be recorded as an F grade/ 0%.



    The District 203 Summer Driver Education program will begin on June 4, 2019 and end on July 12, 2019. In order to participate in the summer program, the student must be 15 years old before or on June 4, 2019.


    In order to attain the maximum amount of driving time during summer school, the classroom instruction for the permit examination will be offered early. On May 6, 7, 9, and 10, students will have classes from 7:00 A.M. to 7:40 A.M. each day. NCHS students will have class at NCHS in Room B16. NNHS students will have class at NNHS in Room 198. Students must attend all four days (including the late start). If a student cannot attend on a particular day, he or she must contact Mr. Leaf to make arrangements.


    Students who do not attend NCHS or NNHS or who are unable to attend these sessions must meet with Tony Leaf the first day of summer school to obtain a DMV application and signature. Therefore, the student, on their own time, will be expected to go to the Secretary of State the first day of class to obtain their permit.





    1. Student must be 15 years old before or on June 4,


    1. A $20 check, payable to Secretary of State, to be brought on May


    1. A Social Security number. If the student does not have one, apply for one immediately. All students will need a Social Security number in order to obtain a driver’s


    1. Online payment or a check for $400 payable to Naperville School District 203. Payment is due at registration. (A penalty charge of $25.00 will be assessed for each returned )


    Students will participate in classroom, simulation, and behind-the-wheel during the 140 minute blocks. Therefore, a student needs to register for the 7:30am – 9:50am session or the 10:00 – 12:20 session.


    The Driver Education program consists of three phases: classroom, simulation, and behind-the-wheel. The three phases will be taught within the 7:30 – 9:50 session or the 10:00 – 12:20 session over the six weeks. The student must be at least 15 years old before or on June 5th (the first day of class) for the student will have behind-the-wheel on the first day.


    Classroom Phase: The classroom instruction will be part of the 6 week course. The State of Illinois requires a minimum of 30 clock hours of instruction.


    Simulation Phase: Student must successfully complete 12 hours of simulation as part of the lab portion of Driver Education in order to meet the State of Illinois requirement. Simulation offers the student the opportunity to experience a variety of situations in a controlled environment.


    Behind-The-Wheel: The student must successfully complete at least 3 hours of behind-the-wheel observation in order to meet the State of Illinois requirement. Each student must spend an additional 50 hours of behind-the-wheel experience outside of the Summer School hours with a parent or guardian in order to meet the State of Illinois requirement for licensing.


    Summer school driver’s education, just like all summer school classes, occurs at an accelerated rate. Please take that into consideration when deciding if driver’s ed over the summer is the right fit for your child’s needs.



    Questions specific to Drivers Education can be directed to Tony Leaf at aleaf@naperville203.org or 630-961-2941.




    Registration begins January 28, 2019 and reflects a $25 non-refundable fee per class. Late registration will be held on a space- available basis from May 24 – June 5. There will be a $10.00 late fee after May 1, 2019. Please be advised that course enrollment is subject to availability. Also, a minimum student enrollment figure for each class must be met in order to run the course.



    Register for High School Summer School courses using one of the following methods:


    ONLINERegister online at https://www.studentquickpay.com/naperville203/ (There is an additional 3.6% transaction fee)

    1) Click on the course you wish to register for (Be sure to register for 1st and 2nd semester for full year courses. For 0.5 credit courses, be aware of the different times available.)




    PAPERRegister by using the form on the last page of this packet.

    • Registration forms must be signed by the student’s parent or
    • All students need properly completed forms and the tuition/course payment at the time of
    • Either drop off to the Campus Supervisor Desk at Naperville Central High School or Naperville North High School, or mail registration to:


    Naperville Central High School             Naperville North High School

    Attn: Summer School Director              Attn: Summer School Director

    440 Aurora Avenue                               899 Mill Street

    Naperville, IL 60540                              Naperville, IL 60563


    It is mandatory that counselor advice be sought when registering for Summer School. The advice provides parents and students with information necessary to ensure appropriate course choices are being made. The Summer School Office is NOT responsible for counseling students or for making course recommendations.


    Students should read the course description information that is in Section II of this booklet. This section gives information about credit, prerequisites, and grade level requirements for each course. Enrollment by semester is permitted for those completing requirements.





    Classes may be dropped for a partial refund up through the June 5, 2019. The refund will reflect the cost of the class (not including any online registration fees or late registration fees) minus a $25 non-refundable registration fee.


    No refunds will be issued after the second day of class.