Naperville Central Physical Education Syllabus

  • Topics:

    Unit Grading
    Locks and Lockers
    Fitness Testing
    Medical Absences/Parent Notes
    PE Academic Support and Class Make Ups



    1.       Unit Grading


    Grading task




    Final Exam

                    The following are specific examples:

    a.       Final Exam

    b.      Coursework (each of the 4 units during the semester will comprise of 25% of the coursework grade)- daily activity rubric, tests, quizzes, projects, fitness testing, etc.

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     2.       Locks and Lockers

    a.       Every student must select a small locker, in the PE Locker Room, to store belongings in outside of class.

    b.      During PE Class, belongings may be moved into one of the large lockers.

    c.       Each student is responsible utilize and maintain an individual school issued lock and PE locker.

    d.      PE locks may be purchased in the PE Office throughout the school day.

                                                                   i.      New locks can be purchased for $5.

                                                                 ii.      Recycled locks can be purchased for $3.

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     3.       Being Prepared for PE Class                               

    a.       Students are expected to be in the locker room before the bell rings to begin the period.

                                                                   i.      If a student is late to the locker room, he or she must have a pass from a teacher or get a PLASCO pass from either Door #1, #8, or #15 to be able to enter the locker room to change into his or her PE clothes. In addition, every student is expected to deliver this pass to his or her teacher upon arrival to class.

    b.      Every student is expected to arrive to his or her PE class on time.

                                                                   i.      After the bell rings to begin the period, students will be given time at the teacher’s individual discretion to change into PE clothes and arrive to class. If a student arrives to class late without a pass, he or she is tardy and will be sent to get a PLASCO pass.

                                                                 ii.      In case of a previous absence, class locations will be posted in the PE Office on the location board.

    c.       Students are expected to be dressed appropriately for every PE Class.

                                                                   i.      The proper NCHS PE Uniform consists of a NCHS PE shirt, athletic short, gym shoes with rubber soles and tie up laces (it is acceptable to wear a sweatshirt and/or sweat pants over NCHS PE shirt and shorts).

                                                                 ii.      Individual attire must adhere to the NCHS dress code (shorts must be mid-thigh length). Additional concerns will be addressed individually based on the activity.

                                                                iii.      Improper Dress Policy

    1.       1st No Dress - Warning and Parent Contact

    2.       2nd No Dress – PE Make Up (if make-up is not completed it becomes a Dean’s Referral)

    3.       3rd No Dress - Dean’s Referral

    4.       Each additional No Dress- Dean’s Referral

                                                               iv.      NCHS PE shirts may be purchased in the PE Office throughout the school day and at the School Book Store during all lunch periods.

                                                                 v.      Shirts may be purchased for $8 and shorts may be purchased for $10.

                                                               vi.      PE shirt and shorts one day rentals are available in the PE office for $1. You must also provide your Student ID as collateral for the rental which will be returned once the uniform is collected. If rental uniform is lost or damaged, then the student will be charged for a replacement uniform.

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     4.       Fitness Testing

    a.       Fitness Testing will be provided for every student to foster learning, monitor growth, assess strengths and limitations, as well as improve individual levels of fitness. The following tests will be administered each semester to determine student growth throughout the school year.

                                                                   i.      Mile Run (heart rate monitor)

                                                                 ii.      Pacer Test (heart rate monitor)

                                                                iii.      Push Ups

                                                               iv.      Curl Ups

                                                                 v.      Sit and Reach

                                                               vi.      Body Composition/Hydration (TANITA scale= Bioelectrical Impedance)

    Assessment for each fitness test will be either complete or incomplete. Modifications can be made based on physician’s recommendation.

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    5.       Medical Absences/Parent Notes

    a.       Parent Notes may be used to excuse a child for a total of 3 days (multiple parent notes cannot provide more than 3 days of excused PE. When more than 3 excused days are needed, a Medical Note is requested from a physician).

    b.      A Parent Note will be considered as an absence from PE class and may be made up in accordance with absence policies.

    c.       For the safety of the student, Medical Notes will be honored for the duration of the physician’s request. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the Medical Note to his or her teacher.

    d.      Medical Notes that state, “No PE” will result in the NCHS nurse corresponding with the student’s physician regarding what the student “can physically do!”

    e.      Teachers will be able to support students with special medical needs to help keep them as active as possible. Please inform your teacher of any potential concerns.

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     6.       Absences

    a.       Students are responsible for proactively communicating any known absences prior to the date of the absence whenever possible.

    b.      Students must follow up with their teacher upon their return in regard to what material(s) was covered during the absence and what will be needed to make up the missed learning opportunity.

    c.       Unexcused absences may not be made up for class credit.

    d.      All PE make ups for a given unit must be completed by the end of the unit in order to receive credit.

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     7.       PE Academic Support Study Hall and Class Make Ups

    a.     PE Academic Support Study Hall and class Make Ups are offered every day, before school, from 7:00 am to 7:35 am. Students must show up on time dressed in his or her required PE uniform (If a student is not properly dressed in his or her PE uniform, then he or she will not be allowed to complete the Make Up session). Student will wear a heart rate monitor to track and record their workout.  1 day make up is equal to 30 minutes in the target zone (142-200 bpm).  Once the make-up is complete your teacher will be notified of the number of minutes that were completed that day. There will be no make-ups on Late Arrival days. 







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