Future Focus Community Engagement Initiative

  • Future Focus logo The purpose of engagement

    Community Engagement, at its core, is intended to solicit the hopes, ideas and thoughtful suggestions of a school district’s stakeholders — its public — through meaningful dialogue and discussion.
    With this in mind, Future Focus 203 was designed to:
    • Invite and engage the community in District planning and decision making;
    • Define priorities and opportunities for improvement to inform strategic planning;
    • Build an ongoing process for strengthening trust, communication and collaborative efforts with the full community.

    Community engagement

    In a call to action, the Board of Education and the Superintendent requested that a district-wide community group be convened to study and give comment to the promise and opportunities facing District 203. In response, a volunteer-based community engagement program brought together members of the community (families, residents, and staff) to study and deliberate issues important to future planning and decision making.
    Six community engagement sessions were held with the topics below:

    Community Engagement Session 1 - State of the District
    Community Engagement Session 2 - Defining Student Success
    Community Engagement Session 3 - Programs of Study
    Community Engagement Session 4 - Finances: Capacity and Resources
    Community Engagement Session 5 - Facilities: Making Space for Learning
    Community Engagement Session 6 - Recommendations: Pulling It All Together

    Invitation to participate