Dress Code

  • At Lincoln Junior High we expect students to wear attire that is appropriate and that is not a disruption or distraction to the educational process.  In appropriate dress is defined in the Student District policy:


    No garments, spiked or dangerous jewelry depicting distasteful symbols debasing the dignity of a person; no garment, jewelry depicting beer, alcohol, liquor, or drugs maybe be worn at school; no garments, jewelry with sexually explicit, obscene, or vulgar messages or symbols may be worn at school or at any school-sponsored activities.  In addition, at all the junior highs it is expected that:
    • Students should wear clothing that totally conceals undergarments. All tops must have straps that are at least one inch wide. Tops must cover the midriff.  Boys’ shirts must have sleeves.

    • All garments should be reasonable in length. A good rule to use is that shorts and skirts should be at least as long as the tips of fingers when arms are relaxed at someone’s sides. 


    Classroom teachers will make the determination if clothing is a disruption to the class.  Students should be warned that a phone call home will be made for a change of clothes or gym shorts put on.  If these options are not available, the office will offer clothing that they have in the office.  Any clothing loaned to students should be washed and returned the next school day.