IT Governance

  • The District 203 Information Technology Department (iT203) is governed through a focused and cohesive methodology. As illustrated in this graphic:

    IT203 Mission Pryamid

    It all begins with our iT203 Mission:

    The iT203 mission is aligned with the overall District 203 Mission.  Based on this mission, we have developed a matrix governance model that clearly defines four key focal areas, with which all of our work and initiatives are aligned. The focal areas are a key part of our management framework and act as overarching directives.  As depicted in the graphic,  these focal are:

    IT Focal Areas

    There are also four types of work strands we have defined within the iT203 Department shown in the following graphic:

    IT203 Work Strands

    We have defined each work strand and developed guiding principles within each strand which further clarify the alignment to the focal areas. We have also developed goals and objectives for each guiding principle. From these goals and objectives, we have then identified key initiatives for each work strand and have created a 5 year technology roadmap that details each initiative and the associated targeted times of implementation.


    The iT203 governance model exists to:

    • Provide a clear direction for the iT203 department in a consistent, understandable format
    • Establish achievable goals and objectives that are aligned to the District’s Mission
    • Serve as a sound basis for budget, project and resource planning
    • Create the foundation for initiative prioritization and impact analysis
    • Create a powerful communication vehicle to share with stakeholders, vendors, business partners and community
    • Assist in aligning iT203 efforts both internally and with other District functions
    • Provide accountability and ownership for meeting objectives
    • Act as an “anchor” to keep teams focused and on task