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  • Our mission is to educate each student to be self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, quality producers, and community contributors through the application of student-owned learning strategies.

Academic Support Teachers

Position Staff Member Phone 1(630) Email
Instructional Coordinator Marc O'Shea 369-6163 moshea@naperville203.org
Communication Arts Teacher Sarah Kandl 369-2180 skandl@naperville203.org
Communication Arts Teacher Jennifer Simon 548-4664 jsimon@naperville203.org
Math Teacher Kari O'Leary 579-7221 koleary@naperville203.org
Math Teacher Megan Lynch 961-2741 mlynch@naperville203.org
Science Teacher Tim Banas 778-3174 tbanas@naperville203.org
Social Studies Teacher Mike Bochenski 420-6592 mbochenski@naperville203.org
Social Studies Teacher Steve Stack 548-4549 sstack@naperville203.org