Naperville 203 Remote Learning

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    Naperville 203 transitioned to Remote Learning on April 7, 2020.

    Remote Learning Calendars 

    Dates to note:

    • Professional Learning day has been moved from April 30 to May 1.  
      • April 30 will be a student Remote Learning day.  
      • May 1 will be a non-attendance day for students.
    • May 11 is a professional learning day and a non-attendance day for students.
    • May 15 is the last attendance day for seniors.
    • May 21 is the last attendance day for students EC-11.
    • May 22 is a professional learning day and a non-attendance day for students.

    Updated Calendars:


    Fechas a resaltar:

    • El día de aprendizaje profesional ha cambiado del 30 de abril al 1o de mayo. 
      • El 30 de abril será un día de aprendizaje remoto para el estudiante. 
      • El 1o de mayo será un día de asueto para los estudiantes.  
    • El 11 de mayo es un día de aprendizaje profesional y un día de asueto para los estudiantes. 
    • El 15 de mayo es el último día de asistencia para los alumnos de doceavo (12o) grado.  
    • El 21 de mayo es el último día de asistencia para los estudiantes de pre-escolar a onceavo (11o) grado.
    • El 22 de mayo es día de aprendizaje profesional y día de asueto para los estudiantes.  

    Calendarios Actualizados:


    随着州长Pritzker宣布在本学年剩余时间暂停面对面授课,Naperville 203的远程学习的4月和5月日历已更新。



    • 老師专业学习日已从4月30日移至5月1日。
      • 4月30日将是学生远程学习日。
      • 5月1日将是学生不需要上課。
    • 5月11日是老師的专业学习日. 学生不需要上課。
    • 5月15日是高四學生上課的最後一天。
    • 5月21日是EC-11年級学生的最后一天上課。
    • 5月22日是老師的专业学习日. 学生不需要上課。



    Naperville 203继续遵循州长普利兹克(Pritzker)提出的“待在家里”的命令和社交距離的指导。我们知道,许多人都想回到我们的學校中以取回个人物品并交回学校用品。我们正在制定一项计划,并将在最终确定后立即进行沟通。


    What is Remote Learning?

    Illinois State Board of Education announced that remote learning will occur for the duration of the suspension of in-person instruction, as directed by our governing systems through April 30. As a result, districts must develop instructional remote learning to allow for student engagement and continuity of instruction through mostly technological mediums. The remote learning designation allows school districts to not extend the school year calendar due to school closures. During the COVID-19 Emergency, all previously noted “Act of God Days,” Remote Learning Planning Days, and Remote Learning Days in Illinois will count as actual days of student attendance. This is distinct from our e-Learning plans recently approved, so the expectations do differ. The primary purpose of remote learning is to provide social emotional support, continue instruction and provide opportunities to improve a student’s academic standing. We recognize that students and staff alike will have distractions in this remote learning environment, and we simply ask that everyone engage to the best of their abilities. Attendance will be taken on a daily basis; however, grading practices will be different during remote learning times.

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