• November 8, 2016


    ​To the Students in The Bloom Room and their 'Advisors',

    You created beautiful arrangements for our awards banquet. We would like to thank you for your professionalism and awesome work. Our banquet tables looked beautiful, many comments were heard about how wonderful the flowers were. Thank you for being a part of our event.


    Keep up the good work!


    Mrs. Sherie Huber
    2016 Illinois Council for Exceptional Children Convention Chair


    January 18, 2016


    To Maura and Connections staff and Students,

    My daughter told me about your admirable project making fleece blankets and pet toys. What a wonderful learning experience - and as Lisa told me, it is evolving in to a successful mini-business. That does not come without cost. I want to help you with a $60.00 donation to buy fleece.


    Best wishes for continued success. Sincerely, Shirley K.