• Coding in 1st -5th

    Scratch Logo Everyone has been coding this year. First grade has learned how to code using Scratch Jr., 2nd grade with Scratch and 3rd – 5th used Scratch with MakeyMakey. Coding helps students learn how to think creatively and logically. They soon realize it also helps them with patience and persistence too!

    The 3D printer is up and running with many wonderful creative projects being done by students in third and fourth grade. Fifth grade students worked on Mars Colonies at the beginning of the year.

    KidsMatter Logo KidsMatter Digital Leadership Summit, sponsored by the City of Naperville and School Districts 203 and 204, took place on February 5. Six students attended from Prairie. They had the opportunity to learn about Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety. After the busy and fun-full day they put together a presentation and shared their learning with students at Prairie.

    A book for adults came out recently that I highly recommend to all of you.  “The Enchanted Hour: The Miraculous Power of Reading Aloud in the Age of Distraction” by Meghan Cox Gurdon. It is well written, interesting, and it will take you back in memory to your own favorite childhood books while explaining how reading aloud can help the entire family grow together. 

  • 4 Pillars of the
    Learning Commons

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    * Inquiry and Research
    * Innovation and Creation
    * Literacy Growth
    * Communication and