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Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

 Procedures for the CAR LANE
•    It is recommended that cars enter the car lane by making a right turn from Steeple Run drive
•    Please drive cautiously and slowly through the parking lot
•    Pull all the way up so that we can unload as many cars that will fit by the sidewalk
•    Students should exit the car curbside for safety
•    Parents should remain in the car
•    Wait for the car in front of you to unload and then pull forward
•    Remember that it is against the law to use your cell phone in a school zone

If you want to park and walk your student to the door we ask that you park on Steeple Run Drive (curbside) and walk your student to Door 11.  You may also park on Park Meadow (curbside) and walk the student up the sidewalk to Door 1.  Parking and walking students through the front parking lot when the car lane is in use is not a safe place for students.  
Please be reminded that at 8:10 the staff positioned at the crosswalk, Door 11, and by the buses enter the building to get to their classroom for instruction that begins at 8:15.  If you are arriving after 8:10 students must enter through Door 1 where staff will be and is recommended that you use the car lane and have the student exit curbside.