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Support the Environmental Club’s CAN COLLECTION COMPETITION!

 Recycle Arrows

The Environmental Club is sponsoring a can contest between the grade levels!  Send in soda or other aluminum cans wrapped in a plastic bag labeled with the student’s class and grade.  The students may place the bag in the container in the MPR Hall or parents may set their bag(s) outside by the “can cage” on the south side of the staff parking lot.  The contest will last all school year and prizes will be awarded in December and the end of April to the grade with the largest number of cans sent in.
In cooperation with the Environmental Club, the Mill Street 4th grade Girl Scout troop #50954 is collecting pop can tabs to benefit Edward Hospital's Ronald McDonald House "Pop It and Drop It" drive.  Last school year, your donations help us collect over 8 lbs. of pop tabs, and we would like to double that amount this year!  To help us reach that goal, please remove pop tabs from the top of each can and send them with your child in a separate plastic baggy.  There is a special receptacle for the pop tabs under the Environmental Club billboard on the north side of the school.