District 203 - World Class
Naperville Community Unit School District 203
Naperville, Illinois

Thursday, April 24, 2014
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School Family Community Partnership (SFCP) Core Team

District 203 has an SFCP Core Team whose mission is to promote, facilitate, and support the individual school Action Team's work and act as liaison to the National Network, other school district initiatives, and community organizations.

The team is comprised of parents, principals and staff  representatives for the three school levels, as well as members of the community, district administration, school board, and Executive Board of Home and School.


  • Promote understanding and support of Joyce Epstein's framework within individual school action teams and other key constituents (e.g. School Board, Chamber, Community, etc.)
  • Facilitate networking opportunities between the 22 schools and connect with other district and community initiatives that strengthen school, family and community partnerships.
  • Support the individual school Action Teams with training, tools, and ideas.

Core Team Members

Mariella Romano - Co-Chair and Parent, Prairie Elementary,
Nick Micensky - Co-Chair and Principal, Scott

Ritu Ahuja - Parent, Highlands Elementary
Nanette Awe - Guidance Counselor, WJHS
Jeri Blood - Parent, LJHS
Dan Bridges - Superintendent of Schools, District 203
Julie Carlsen - Director of Community Relations, District 203
Pamela Dandridge - Parent, River Woods Elementary, NNHS
Terry Fielden - Board of Education
Molly Harris - Teacher, Ann Reid Early Childhood Center
Yvonne Janvrin - Parent, NNHS
Jessica Jozwiak - Parent, NNHS
Lisa Kolick - Parent of D203 graduates
Katy Lynch - Principal, Meadow Glens Elementary
Tracy Mackh - Parent, JJHS, NNHS
Brian Meyer - Parent, Scott Elementary, MJHS
Kaine Osburn - Deputy Superintendent, District 203
Kevin  Pobst - Principal, NNHS
Eulalia Valdez - Director of ELL, District 203
Nancy Voise - Principal, JJHS
Carolyn Wenig - Parent, NNHS
Mary Wilkerson - Communication Arts Teacher, NCHS

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