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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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School Family Community Partnership

This page provides a place for District 203 volunteers to access needed artwork and other resources. In order to limit access to these resources, this page will not be available via navigation on the District website; you may only reach it if you are given the direct link.

To download linked files, right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As..." (Windows) or control-click and choose "Save Link As..." (Mac), then choose the place to save the file to your computer. If you are trying to download an EPS logo and when you try to save the file it only appears with the suffix .PS, please change it to .EPS and save. This is due to a problem with some web browser software, not to the file itself.

Unless you have specific design software (such as Photoshop or Illustrator) you will probably not be able to open these files to see them (probably not the EPS files anyway - Windows includes software to open JPEG files). That's okay - there's nothing wrong with the files. You should simply place or insert the file into your document layout where you should then be able to see it if it accepts that file type.

For artwork available in both EPS and JPEG formats: EPS is preferable to use in all cases because it allows clean and crisp resizing of the art to any size, large or small. If the software you intend to use the artwork in accepts EPS files, use this format. Download the JPEG file if your software does not accept EPS; however, if you need to use the JPEG artwork in a much larger size, please resize it in Photoshop (if you are able to do so) or contact the District webmaster who can enlarge the art for you.

Thank you for your important contributions to District 203 - we couldn't do it without you!

General Information

If you need to edit photos but don't have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, this online software Photoshop Express may be of help: https://www.photoshop.com/express/landing.html If you have Microsoft Office, you may also have Microsoft Picture Editor.

District Print Center

The former Document Services is now the District Print Center. To submit an order electronically, go to http://ncusd203.myprintdesk.net/DSF/ASP9/storefront.aspx. The documents below contain details on the Print Center's capabilities and ordering system.

District Print Center List of Services (PDF)
District Print Center Digital Store Front's Print Messenger (PDF)
District Print Center Digital Ordering System (PDF)

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Home & School


The Home & School Logo Use Guide shows logos for all schools and includes each school's logo on paper in various sizes (if you need to do a "pasteup"). It also provides recommendations for use of typefaces and styles to ensure consistency in Home & School print communications.

Individual schools' logos are available below.

District 203 General Home & School logo EPS
District 203 General Home & School logo JPEG

Ann Reid H&S logo EPS
Ann Reid H&S logo JPEG

Beebe H&S logo EPS
Beebe H&S logo JPEG

Ellsworth H&S logo EPS
Ellsworth H&S logo JPEG

Elmwood H&S logo EPS
Elmwood H&S logo JPEG 

Highlands H&S logo EPS
Highlands H&S logo JPEG

Jefferson H&S logo EPS
Jefferson H&S logo JPEG

Kennedy H&S logo EPS
Kennedy H&S logo JPEG

Kingsley H&S logo EPS
Kingsley H&S logo JPEG

Lincoln H&S logo EPS
Lincoln H&S logo JPEG

Madison H&S logo EPS
Madison H&S logo JPEG

Maplebrook H&S logo EPS
Maplebrook H&S logo JPEG

Meadow Glens H&S logo EPS
Meadow Glens H&S logo JPEG

Mill Street H&S logo EPS
Mill Street H&S logo JPEG

Naper H&S logo EPS
Naper H&S logo JPEG

Naperville Central H&S logo EPS
Naperville Central H&S logo JPEG

Naperville North H&S logo EPS
Naperville North H&S logo JPEG

Prairie H&S logo EPS
Prairie H&S logo JPEG

Ranch View H&S logo EPS
Ranch View H&S logo JPEG

River Woods H&S logo EPS
River Woods H&S logo JPEG

Scott H&S logo EPS
Scott H&S logo JPEG

Steeple Run H&S logo EPS
Steeple Run H&S logo JPEG

Washington H&S logo EPS
Washington H&S logo JPEG


The document below is a SAMPLE Home & School letterhead Word document. You may download this to start from, but you must replace the Meadow Glens Home & School logo with your own (get it above) and change the Meadow Glens address information to your own school's.

SAMPLE Home & School letterhead (Meadow Glens) (Word)


Each school has a District 203 Home & School emailbox that they may use. District email passwords and login information may be passed down to Home & School officers from year to year, rather than having new volunteers use their personal email addresses. Click here for a list of these email addresses.

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Naperville Education Foundation

NEF logo black EPS
NEF logo black JPEG
NEF logo process color EPS
NEF logo process color JPEG

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Newsletter Editors


The documents below were distributed at the fall Newsletter Editors' Workshop and are linked here for your convenience.

Newsletter Editors' Workshop Agenda (PDF)

District 203 Communications Protocol (PDF)
District 203 Notice of Copyright (PDF)
NSPRA What Parents Really Think About School Newsletters (PDF)
Denial of Permissions Form (PDF)
Denial of Permissions Form - Spanish (PDF)
Designer's Dozen Newsletter Tips (PDF)
Designer's Dozen Powerpoint Presentation (PowerPoint Show, 9.6 MB)
Talk203 Submission Form (Word 2007)
Producing and Distributing a Newsletter Electronically (PDF)
Saving Non-searchable PDFs from Office Applications (PDF)
Electronic Communications Acceptable Use Guidelines and Matrix (PDF)
Electronic Communications Approval Form (Word 2007)
Electronic Social Media Best Practices Protocol (PDF)
Electronic Social Media Sample Disclaimers (Word 2007)
Tips for Producing a Newsletter (PDF)
District Print Center List of Services (PDF)
District Print Center Digital Store Front's Print Messenger (PDF)
District Print Center Digital Ordering System (PDF)


Free PDF-making software: www.CutePDF.com
Inexpensive stock photos, illustration, video, audio: www.iStockphoto.com

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School Family Community Partnership (SFCP)


District 203 SFCP logo EPS
District 203 SFCP logo JPEG

Beebe SFCP logo EPS
Beebe SFCP logo JPEG

Ellsworth SFCP logo EPS
Ellsworth SFCP logo JPEG

Elmwood SFCP logo EPS
Elmwood SFCP logo JPEG 

Highlands SFCP logo EPS
Highlands SFCP logo JPEG

Jefferson SFCP logo EPS
Jefferson SFCP logo JPEG

Kennedy SFCP logo EPS
Kennedy SFCP logo JPEG

Kingsley SFCP logo EPS
Kingsley SFCP  logo JPEG

Lincoln SFCP logo EPS
Lincoln SFCP logo JPEG

Madison SFCP logo EPS
Madison SFCP logo JPEG

Maplebrook SFCP logo EPS
Maplebrook SFCP logo JPEG

Meadow Glens SFCP logo EPS
Meadow Glens SFCP logo JPEG

Mill Street SFCP logo EPS
Mill Street SFCP logo JPEG

Naper SFCP  logo EPS
Naper SFCP logo JPEG

Naperville Central SFCP logo EPS
Naperville Central SFCP logo JPEG

Naperville North SFCP logo EPS
Naperville North SFCP logo JPEG

Prairie SFCP logo EPS
Prairie H&S logo JPEG

Ranch View SFCP logo EPS
Ranch View SFCP logo JPEG

River Woods SFCP logo EPS
River Woods SFCP logo JPEG

Scott SFCP logo EPS
Scott SFCP logo JPEG

Steeple Run SFCP logo EPS
Steeple Run SFCP logo JPEG

Washington SFCP logo EPS
Washington SFCP logo JPEG

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