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Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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HURRAH logoHURRAH (Happy, Upbeat Retirees
[& other] Residents Actively Helping)

About Us

The acronym used for the District 203 program in which retirees serve as tutors, mentors, readers and partners in our education process is known as HURRAH - Happy, Upbeat Retirees (& other) Residents Actively Helping.

Happy and Upbeat because these words describe the types of people who are volunteering.

Retirees because people who no longer work day schedules still have the energy and expertise to help our younger generation. Retirees live longer than in previous generations and are a large, skilled, and available resource. In addition, this generation of retirees views retirement as a time of involvement, learning, and usefulness, as well as a time for leisure.

(& other) Residents because the need for volunteers exceeds the current HURRAH population and there are many area residents who have previously acquired skills and experiences that can lend real-world substance to classrooms.

Actively Helping because all area retirees and residents can have a positive impact on today’s youth, thus playing a part in achieving HURRAH number one objective – helping students to achieve education al goals.

History of HURRAH

During the fall of l989, Janet Case and Ida Moon, retired teachers of Naperville Community Unit School District 203, suggested organizing interested, retired teachers into a unit that could provide qualified, experienced, and effective teacher assistance in the classroom on a volunteer basis.

Concurrently, the Pupil Personnel Services Team at Ranch View Elementary School proposed that retired teacher volunteers could provide support services for students. They could provide organizational and study skills training, one-on-one reading assistance, tutorial help, etc. Retired teachers already were helping out at Beebe, Ellsworth, Naper, and Scott Elementary Schools.

The plan to develop an organization for senior adult volunteers was discussed with all District 203 principals. With their approval, it then was presented to the Board of Education as a way to:

  • increase human resources available to assist students in various content areas;
  • provide fully qualified, experienced, and effective teacher/consultant services to enhance instruction;
  • motivate and challenge students through association with community resources;
  • and promote high levels of student achievement as measured by content mastery of coursework.

As the program evolved it became apparent that seniors inspired and energized the students they worked with because they cared and provided the individual attention needed by many students. The District 203 staff decided to actively recruit retirees from the private sector, as well as from the ranks of retired educators. HURRAH membership now includes hundreds of retirees—their numbers evenly split between the education and business sectors.

Executive Committee

Russ Marineau – Chairman
Pat Harrison
Ray Hill
Jim O'Donnell
Carol Price
Barb Zigterman 

How to Volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, you may contact the District 203 Community Relations Office at 630-420-6475 or contact the office at any of the District 203 schools to offer your assistance. Click here to access the Links to Schools page for a listing of all schools' contact information.


HURRAH Times is a periodic newsletter exploring the work of this organization. Issues are available here in PDF format:

HURRAH Times, Summer 2012
Summer 2010
HURRAH Times, Spring 2007
HURRAH Times, Spring 2006
HURRAH Times, February 2005

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